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Eversharp 'Red Spot' Pencil. 1936.

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The Eversharp 'Red Spot' pencil appeared in 1935 as a modification to the '4 Square' model of the previous year.  In 1936 an elaborate 'finger grip' was added, as in this pencil, and the barrel was changed for 1937 so this pencil can be dated to 1936.

At over 15cm. in length, this is a long, slim pencil with an unusual square section and eye-catching details such as the bulbous cone and transparent plastic barrel.  The mechanism is clearly visible through the barrel, a 'red spot' is visible showing the amount of lead remaining in the pencil.

The Eversharp '4 square', on which the pencil is based, was so called because it had a square section, the leads are also square, and it was designed to take leads of 4 inches in length.  the Red spot pencil is, essentially, a 'demonstrator' version of its predecessor.

The pencil is in excellent working condition.  Showing only light usage marks, it has a deep shine and good transparency.  It is quite a rare item.