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Eversharp Silver plated pencil.

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The Eversharp company was acquired by 'Whal' in 1916 but continued with just the 'Eversharp' name for some time.  This was, presumably, because the company had been so successful with pencils that the name 'Eversharp' was in common usage to mean pencil, much in the same way as 'Hoover' was used for a vacuum cleaner.

The 'Repeater' mechanism, as in this pencil, was pioneered by Eversharp in 1936.  It works by clicking the 'magic button' on the end of the barrel to continuously feed the lead.  There is no retract mechanism, the idea is to 'click' to feed out the lead as it is used.

This is an early Eversharp repeater. It is clearly marked as made by the company in Silver plate.  The plating is excellent, the pencil has no dings, and it works very well.