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Eversharp Skyline Boxed Set. As new, unused.

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The Eversharp Skyline was introduced in 1943 and, by 1945, it was America's best selling pen.  This success did not last long, however, as the company fell victim to the onslaught of the ballpoint soon after.

The pen was made in three sizes, demi, standard, and executive, this set is the standard size of 13.5cm. capped and 15Cm. posted, the same as a Parker 51.  The matching pencil is the same length as the pen.

The set, finished in black, is a slight upgrade to the usual pen in that it has a Gold filled 'derby top' to the cap.  Comprising a fountain pen and mechanical pencil, the set is in totally mint condition with no signs of use.

It is presented in the original high quality box, also pristine, along with a 'forever' guarantee and instruction leaflet.  The leaflet actually states that, as a 'double tick' product, the set is guaranteed, 'not for years, not for life, but forever'.  Not long after these guarantees were made illegal, unsurprisingly.  The mention of the Phil Baker show, also on the leaflet, helps date tha pen just a little, as the show ended in July 1947.

The Eversharp Skyline was designed as the 'Art Deco' movement was drawing to a close and it is often cited as one of the best examples of an 'Art Deco pen'.  Mint condition sets are now very collectable and don't turn up very often.