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Eversharp Skyline in 'Dubonnet'. Mint condition.

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The Eversharp Skyline, introduced in 1943, was made in three sizes, the Demi, Standard, and Executive.  This is the Standard size pen, finished in a colour eversharp called 'Dubonnet', it is usually referred to as 'Burgundy'.

This is an early example of the Skyline, it has a 'teardrop' engraved on the nib, a motif that was abandoned fairly quickly in favour of a 'T shaped' design.

The pen is in beautiful condition throughout.  The celluloid is unmmarked, the Gold plating shows no brassing, and the 14 Ct. Gold nib is clean and straight. 

After a full service, including a new ink sac, the pen was thoroughly tested.  The filling system works well and takes up a good volume of ink.  The pen writes with a firm and consistent fine line. At 14.6 cm. in length when posted it is a good sized pen, and a  very comfortable and 'easy' writer.

The pen was designed by Henry Dreyfuss, who had previously designed the New York Hudson train, it seems he was a man that hung on to his ideas!

The Skyline 'Derby' cap transferred seamlessly from train to pen.

Despite the Skyline being the best selling pen in america in 1945, it appears that few have survived and it is becoming a very collectable pen.  A mint condition Skyline does not come along very often.