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Lady Sheaffer 620XG

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The Lady Sheaffer 620 XG is a de luxe version of the Lady Sheaffer 620.  It is easily differentiated from the 620 in that it has a Gold filled Florentine band and a solid 14Ct.Gold nib.

Produced in the 1970s this set, comprising a fountain pen and ballpoint is presented in its original case.  The set is in first class, near mint condition throughout.

Undoubtedly one of the most attractive Lady Sheaffers, the 620XG, with its all metal construction, is also very robust.  Some of the other finishes on the range do tend to deteriorate quite readily.

The Sheaffer Lady was produced in about 70 different models at varying levels of trim.  The 620XG is one of the high end offerings.  A complete boxed set, such as this, in such excellent condition is not at all easy to find.