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L'aluminium Francais Paris. 1930s.

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Aluminium Francais, established in 1911, was a company representing most of the Aluminium producing companies of France. They produced a very limited number of small items, such as this pen, to demonstrate and promote the use of Aluminium in novel ways, in addition to the more obvious applications in larger scale construction.  The pen is imprinted 'L'Alumina Francais. Paris' and the cap stud is engraved with a stylised 'AF'.

The pen is in excellent condition and shows very few signs of use.  A conventional button filler, it has been fitted with a new ink sac and fills well with a single press of the button..   

The size, shape, and general design of the pen is very similar to the Parker Duofolds and other popular 'flat top' pens of the 1930s and early 1940s.  In terms of quality, the pen is superb, at least the equal of the very best pens of the period.  Despite its solid, all metal construction it has an 'empty' weight of only 20g., an important consideration at a time when fountain pens were often used regularly for extended periods.

The cap is a smooth screw fit, tightening with a full three and three quarter turns.  The ball ended clip is nicely sprung, it may be chrome plated steel.  The cap is not designed to be posted on the barrel, presumably to prevent accidental scratching of the highly polished surface.

As befits a pen of this quality, it has an 18Ct. Gold warranted nib, rather than the more usual 14Ct.  The nib has an excellent flex, giving good line variation to add character to the writing.  It is a pity that my scrawl does it no justice, anyone who could actually write well could produce excellent 'copperplate' effects.

A very tactile item, this is a rare, extremely high quality pen in exceptional condition.  It would make a great 'signature' pen but would also really stand out in a vintage pen collection.