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Mabie Todd and Bard Swan 3200 eyedropper

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The 'Mabie Todd & Bard' imprint reverted to the original 'Mabie Todd & co.' in 1907, placing this pen firmly before that date.  The first 'Swan' pens, which appeared around 1990, featured the 'stepped' section design, as in this pen.  A study of the advertisements from around this time shows that by 1900 this had changed to a straighter section, suggesting that this model was produced before the turn of the century.

The pen is constructed in hard chased rubber with two gold bands and a slip cap.  It has an 'over and under' feed with a twisted silver wire and a 14 Ct. gold nib.  The eyedropper provided is almost certainly a later addition.

The chasing is still quite clear, as is the barrel imprint giving the company name, patent dates, and the swan logo.  The number '3200' is legible on the end of the barrel.  

The nib writes very well and has a pleasing amount of flex, someone with a decent 'hand' would enjoy some excellent results.

At 134mm. capped, 157mm. posted, and with a barrel width of 9mm. it is a very long, slim, and elegant pen.  At a time when the transition was underway from dip pens it is assumed that people were more used to, and comfortable with, a slim design.

The pen is in extremely fine condition but, given its great age and historical significance it would not be appropriate as an 'every day user' but it would grace a collection and could well be pressed into service as a 'signature' pen to good effect.