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Mabie Todd Blackbird 5260 with Flex Nib

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The Mabie Todd Blackbird pen was introduced in the 1920s, following the success of the Mabie Todd 'Swan' brand.  The 5260 Blackbird model with a slightly peaked cap stud, this pen, appeared in the late 1930s.

The barrel and cap are smooth hard rubber, the surface is excellent and has a deep shine.  The barrel imprint is also very sharp and clear, it reads:

BLACKBIRD self filling pen
Mabie Todd and Co. Ltd.
Made in England.

The barrel imprint also shows the Blackbird logo image trade mark.

The model number '5260' is stamped around the end of the barrel, 'Blackbird' is stamped around the cap stud, on the section, feed, and nib.  The blackbird logo appears on the clip.  Mabie Todd were obviously fiercely proprietorial about the brand, every removable part is stamped.  This is, presumably, to prevent the parts being used on other, probably inferior pens thus damging the Mabie Todd image.

This particular pen is unusual in two respects:

It has a Gold filled clip and lever where the 'standard model has nickel plated trim
The is is larger than standard and is imprinted with the letter 'D'.  It is unclear what the 'D' signified but I have seen a handful of these nibs and they all had good flex, perhaps it was some sort of 'flex scale'.  It is also possible that the letter denoted a 'de luxe' Blackbird.

The pen has been fully restored and tested.  The filling system, fitted with a new ink sac, works well, filling the pen with a single operation of the lever.  The nib, 14Ct. Gold, writes well with a medium line and a nice, responsive flex, giving good line variation.  Someone with a decent 'hand' would enjoy using this pen.

At 15.5 cm. in length, when posted for use, this is a very long and elegant pen with a good balance and high quality feel.  It is also light in weight, a very important attribute at a time when fountain pens were made to be used for extended periods of time.