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Mabie Todd Blackbird 'Austerity Pencil. c. 1940.

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Mabie Todd struggled to meet demand during the early 1940s due to wartime restrictions on production and the company's commitment to use their machines and manpower for the war effort.

This Blackbird pencil was one of these 'austerity products offered during this period.  The pencil has the Blackbird logo clearly stamped on the clip and a very crisp 'Fyne Poynt'. imprint on the barrel.  Fyne Poynt was not the name of a particular pencil but more of a generic name for all Mabie Todd pencils.

The pencil is in mint condition throughout and shows no signs of us., The surface is excellent and the engine turned chasing is as sharp as new.  The chrome trim is similarly pristine.

At 13 cm. in length this is a full sized pencil with a smooth rotary mechanism.  The nozzle is turned to extend and retract the lead and new leads are stored in the barrel.  A new lead can be easily fitted through the nozzle when required.

Due to the short production run and the low numbers of 'restricted range' pens and pencils produced this is a rare item with an interesting history.  The last photograph shows the pen alongside it's image in Stephen Hull's excellent 'The Swan Pen' book.