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Mabie Todd Blackbird with Gold trim.

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The Mabie Todd Blackbird made its first appearance in the 1920s as a less expensive alternative to the Swan pen, although there is no difference in build quality.  This Blackbird is made from hard rubber and dates to the early 1930s.

It is very similar to the BB2/60 but it is unusual in that it has a Gold filled clip with the word 'Blackbird' stamped along its length.  The 'standard' BB2/60 has white metal trim, this pen is probably a 'de luxe' version.

The surface has a deep shine, with traces of chasing just visible, and a legible barrel imprint.  'Blackbird' is stamped on the barrel, section, nib, feed, and clip,  Mabie Todd were quite propietary in this respect, presumably to protect the brand and to discourage the use of parts on other pens.   

The pen has been restored and tested.  The lever filling system works well and the 14 Ct. Gold nib, the original, writes with a good flex.  It is a pen that a person with a decent 'hand', or aspirations in that direction, would enjoy using.

At 15.6 cm. when posted this is a very long and elegant pen with a good balance and a high quality feel.  It is a fine example of an English 1930s. lever filler.