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Mabie Todd Fyne Poynt Pencil in bright green.

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Mabie Todd used the name 'Fyne Poynt' as a generic name for a whole range of mechanical pencils including widely differing styles and materials.

This pencil, finished in a striking bright green was probably made in the early 1930s, it has a distinct 30s look about it, the colour scheme very reminiscent of the Art Deco movement.  This date is supported by the barrel imprint, which is sharp and clear, giving the patent number 345712, the number 345712A was granted to Mabie Todd for 'improvement in propelling pencils' in 1931.

The pencil is in excellent condition and shows very few signs of use.  The surface is bright and vibrant and the Gold filling has held up well.  The pencil is very well engineered, it has a very solid feel and the join of barrel and cap is barely visible.  The eraser, which was housed in the cap has perished to the level of the collar, it's probably worth sourcing a replacement.

This is a 'no frills' vintage mechanical pencil but it is also of good quality and has a first rate pedigree.  It is clearly of collectable quality but perhaps such an unusual and attractive pencil should be used and shown off.