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Mabie Todd Swan 1060

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The Mabie Todd Swan 1060 No. 4 Eternal was made in two versions, the early 1940s 'flat top', this pen, and the later 'torpedo' shape.

The pen is a leverless 'twist filler', a very simple and efficient system.  The pen has been fully restored, it fills well with just one turn on the filler button.  Contrary to common belief, the filler bar does not twist the sac, it presses against it as the button is turned. 

The surface has a deep shine, the imprints are sharp, and the Gold filling on the clip and cap rings has held up well.  The clip is secured with a hard rubber cap stud with a Gold filled medallion inset. The hard rubber cap stud and filler button have taken a brown patina. The model number, '1060', is clearly stamped at the end of the barrel.

At 16.5 cm. when posted for use and a good girth, the 1060 is an extremely long and substantial pen with a solid, high quality feel. 

Such a pen needs a suitably high quality nib and Mabie Todd did not stint in providing the impressive and robust No. 4 Eternal 14Ct. Gold nib.  The Eternal nib is made from thicker Gold than the 'normal' Swan nibs and is a much more expensive option.  It writes with a beautifully smooth, firm, fine line.  The thicker Gold on the Etenal nib resists any flex but it still has the very pleasant 'soft' feel of a top quality nib.

The early Swan 1060 Eternal with the No.4 nib is not a common pen by any means.  Although thw pen is very collectable, it would also serve well as a reliable every day writer.