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Mabie Todd Swan 3160 with flex nib

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The Swan 3160 was made by Mabie Todd. in England, around 1946.  It is a high quality, medium sized pen in classic Black with Gold plated trim.

The pen has been is in outstanding condition and has seen very little use.  No restoration was needed, although the ink sac was replaced as the existing one had hardened with age.  The ink sac was the original Swan sac, showing that the pen had not been used for many decades, if at all.  It has a deep lustrous finish and  clear barrel imprints. The Gold filling to the clip, lever, and cap band is similarly pristine.

The number '3160', clearly imprinted around the end of the barrel, is interpreted: '3'= lever filler, '1'= nib size, '60'= black.

The box with outer sleeve is new, it is very high quality and will serve well for transportation, protection, and display.

The pen fills well and the 14Ct Gold Swan nib has a super amount of flex giving a range from fine to triple broad.  It is very responsive, flexing easily and snapping back to fine as soon as the pressure is released.  It can be used 'conventionally' with a light touch giving a fine line.  It is great fun to use and someone with a decent 'hand' would enjoy producing some very impressive results with this pen.  It is hard to find one in such remarkable condition.