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Mabie Todd Swan 3161

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The Mabie Todd Swan 3161 was made, in England, in the 1940s.  The pen is one of the last models to be constructed in hard rubber, plastics had largely replaced rubber over the last twenty years or so.  The 2161 is also unusual in that it has metal threads to engage the cap.

It has been fullly restored and tested, the lever filling system takes up a good volume of ink and the 14Ct. Gold Swan No.1 nib writes with a good amount of flex.  With a light touch it produces a fine line, changing to broad with a little pressure.  In the right hands this gives a pleasing character to the writing, it's a pity my scrawl does it no justice.

The surface is excellent, it has a slight brown and quiite attractive tinge in certain lights due to the patina often found in hard rubber pens. The the barrel imprint is crisp and clear, as is rthe '3161' at the end of the barrel.  The Gold filling on the clip, lever, and cap band has held up very well.

At well over six inches in length, when posted, it is a very large and well balanced pen with a solid, high quality feel.