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Mabie Todd Swan 3220 in Dark Blue

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The Mabie Todd Swan 3220 was made, in England, in the 1940s. This is a fine example, finished in dark blue, with gold trim and a 14Ct. Gold nib.  

The pen has been fully restored and tested, the lever filling system works well and the nib is quite exceptional.  It is the larger no. 3 size and writes with a smooth, broad line with a very responsive flex, giving good line variation and adding character to the lettering.  A person with a decent 'hand' would enjoy excellent results from this pen.

The pen has a very good surface and the Gold fill on the clip and the triple cap bands is in excellent condition.  The barrel imprints and the number stamped to the end of the barrel are very crisp and clear.

The box has seen better days, but is probably original so should be kept with the pen.

The Mabie Todd Swan 3220 is a high quality and very attractive, but not 'flashy', pen.  The flexible nib would suit someone who enjoys the 'art' of writing but the pen can also be used 'conventionally' with a light touch.