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Mabie Todd Swan 3240 in Dark Green.

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This version of the Swan 3240, with brass barrel threads, was introduced in 1949 and discontinued shortly afterwards.

The pen is in excellent condition and has been fully serviced.   The old ink sac, which had hardened with age, was the original Swan sac, showing that this was the first restoration and also that the pen had not been used for decades.

The dark green colour was described, by Mabie Todd as 'Bottle Green,  the lever, clip, and cap bands are gold filled.  The brass threads for attachment of the cap are an unusual and striking feature.  

The barrel imprint is crisp and clear.  It is interesting that it has a ' Pat. applied for' notice, suggesting that the pen has a feature not covered by previous patents.  As the 1920 patent lever design was still used into the 1950s, it could be that Mabie Todd intended to patent the metal threads.

The pen is a lever filler, a simple to use and efficient system and the 14 Ct. Gold nib writes with a firm, medium line.

At 13 cm. capped and an impressive 15.5 cm. posted, this is a good sized pen with a solid, high quality feel.

A vintage Swan in this condition, and colour, is clearly collectable but the pen would also serve very well as an attractive and unusual daily writer.