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Mabie Todd Swan 4260 'Torpedo'

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The Mabie Todd Swan 4260, with the 'Torpedo' streamlined shape, was introduced juat after the end of WWll.

This is an outstanding example, finished in black with Gold filled clip and triple cap band, it has a 14Ct. Gold No. 2. nib.

The pen is a leverless design, it fills easily by immersing the nib then tuening the knurled butoon anticlockwise to compress the ink sac the tightening the buttn to release the sac and draw in ink. 

The pen has been restored and tested, it fills with just a single operation of the button.

The nib is straight and well aligned, it writes with a medium line and has a small but very effective amount of flex giving good line variation.  Someone with a decent 'hand' would enjoy some excellent results. It also writes easily with a light touch, giving a finer line.

The Swan is a high quality pen, built at a time when a reliable pen was a neccesity for many people.  After seventy odd years it still performs its task admirably.