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Mabie Todd Swan 4460.

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The Mabie Todd Swan 4460 is an extremely large and impressive pen, made in England in the 1940s. It was the first of the Swan streamlined 'torpedo' pens and represented a major design change from the previous 'flat tops'.

This is a very fine example, finished in classic black with Gold filled trim and triple cap bands.  The pen has been fully restored and tested, it is in excellent condition throughout.  the finish is exceptional and the imprints are crisp and clear.

The Swan 4460 is a leverless filler, it operates by turning the knurled button anticlockwise to compress the ink sac and then tightening the button to allow the sac to take up the ink.  It is very quick and easy to use.

the Large Swan No. 3. 14 Ct. Gold nib is quite firm but has a pleasing amount of flex which can be deployed with a little pressure.  With no pressure it is a quick and easy writer, producing a finer line.

The box is new and unbranded but will serve well for protection, transport, and display.

At well over six inches in length, with the cap posted, it is a very large, well balanced pen with a solid, high quality feel.  It is certainly a very collectable pen that 'makes a statement' and has a good deal of prestige.