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Mabie Todd Swan Austerity Pen

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The Swan austerity pens carried no model number and were made during the wartime years under srtict government restrictions beacause pen factories were required to switch to the production of munitions.  The Mabie Todd factory in Harlesden was destroyed by enemy action in September 1941, leaving the company pen output severely depleted.

If this pen was stamped with a number it would have been '3260',  a lever filling pen, in black, with a number 2 nib.  It is in good condition and has been retored and tested.  There is the odd dentition mark as shown but the pen has an excellent surface and clear imprints. 

A new ink sac was fitted and the lever filling system works well and takes up a good volume of ink.  Despite the designation 'austerity', the pen has a 14 Ct. gold Swan no.2 nib which writes with a broad line, and a good amount of flex.   Someone with a decent 'hand' would enjoy using the pen to good effect.

At 12.5 cm. capped, the pen grows to an impressive 15.6 cm. when posted. I n use, it is a very long and well balanced pen with a good, high quality feel.

The so called 'auterity' pens were of just the same high quality as other Swans and are only distinguished by the chrome trim and the fact that they were not assigned a number.  This was, presumably, because the pens were never jntended to be a permanent feature in the Swan line up. As a result, it is now quite an uncommon model.