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Mabie Todd Swan boxed set in mint condition.

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The immediate post war Mabie Todd Swan pens were either 'torpedo' or 'cigar' shaped, replacing the earlier 'flat top' design.  This set, comprising a fountain pen and matching 'Fyne Poynt' pencil is distinctly cigar shaped.  For some reason Mabie Todd chose not to number some pens, perhaps those that were destined to be sold as sets.  The pen has no number but, if it had been stamped it would be a '3120':  '3' for a lever filler, '1' for the nib size, and '20' for the colour black.

The 3120 appeared around 1948.  Fortunately this set is complete in all respects, including the price of the pen and pencil so I was able to consult the price lists to find out when this set was sold, it was 1951. Production ceased in 1952.

The set is in totally mint, unused condition so a condition report is not necessary. No restoration was needed but the ink sac was replaced as the original had hardened with age. The nib is 14Ct Gold and has a firm, fine point.

It is housed in a beautiful presentation case along with instruction leaflets for the pen and the pencil, a guarantee slip, barrel stickers, and a 'banner' giving the prices of the pen and pencil separately and as a set.  There is no doubt that this is all original.  

The set fulfils all the criteria for a collectable pen: it has age, quality, condition, has all original packaging, is representative of an English 1940s/ early 50s English lever filler, and is very likely to at least hold it's value.  In this respect it's as good as they get.