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Mabie Todd Swan L200/60

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The Mabie Todd Swan L200/60 was first made in 1933, the first leverless pen to be produced, the patent was only granted in 1932.  This pen is an early, 'Type1' leverless, the L200/60 clipless was quickly replaced with the slightly shorter L200/60 B.

The pen has been conservatively restored and is in excellent working condition.  The twist filler is simple and efficient, it fills with one twist on the button anticlocksise to compress the sac, tightening the button releases the sac and draws in a good volume of ink.

The surface is excellent and the engine turned pattern has survived very well.  The barrel imprint is very clear, as is the 'Swan' name imprinted on the cap.  There is a blank cartouche on the barrel.

 At 13.7cm. in length when posted for use the Swan is a very long and elegant pen.  The Swan Number 2 nib is of 14Ct Gold.  With the lightest of touches it write with a very fine line which becomes broad as a little pressure is applied.  this produces good line variation whuich can be used to produce excellent calligraph effects in the right hands.

The pen is constructed in black chased celluloid, the pattern and general design closely following that of the earlier hard rubber pens.  Producing celluloid pens was a timme consuming and hazardous business.  The celluloid rod had to be cured for many months before being cut to size and bored to make the pen body and cap.  The dust produce was prone to explode violently at the slightest provacation so a number of time consuming procedures had to be followed.

At around ninety years old the pen is in outstanding condition and would grace a vintage pen collection.  It would also make an excellent 'signature pen' for use on special occasions or just for the joy of using a high quality. very old pen to produce writing of great character.