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Mabie Todd Swan Ladies Pen

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The Mabie Todd Swan ladies pen was not referred to as the 'Swan Lady' at the time, although the advertising makes it clear that it was aimed at that section of the market.  It is very easily identified by the short, stepped clip, also found on the Blackbird and Jackdaw ladies pens thet were launched at the same time. The photograph, from Stephen Hull's excellent 'The Swan Pen' book shows a 1939 advert for the pen.

It had a very short production run, first appearing in 1939 and ceasing production in 1940 when the Swan factory was badly damaged by wartime bombing.  

The pen was completely disassembled, cleaned, checked, new ink sac fitted and lightly polished.  The photograph shows the pen prior to the ink sac being trimmed and reassembled.  It is in excellent condition throughout.

The lever filling system works well and the 14Ct. Gold Swan No.1 nib writes wiith a firm medium line, perhaps a little on the fine side.  

At 11.7 cm. capped and 14.2 cm. posted the Swan Lady is a good deal larger than the Conway Stewart Dinkie and the Parker Lady pens. It is quite comfortable in use and by modern standards is a normally sized pen.

The box is new, it is of high quality and will serve well for protection, transport, and display.

The Swan ladies pen is now quite a rare item and is very collectable, it is also a good candidate as an attractive and unusual daily writer.