Mabie Todd Swan Leverless 1060 with No.4 nib. 1941/1942.

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Mabie Todd introduced the leverless filling system in 1933, it remained in production, alongside the lever filling models, until the early 1950s. 

This Swan Leverless model 1060 has a 'type B' imprint, with the Swan logo centrally placed, dating the pen to 1941 or 1942, a 'wartime' pen.  

The pen has been fully restored and is in excellent working condition.  The design is often known as a 'flat top' to distinguish it from the later 'torpedo shaped' pens with the same model number.  Gold filling is used on the 'medallion' set into the cap stud depicting the Swan logo, three slightly raised cap bands, and the ball ended clip. 

The pen is constructed in celluloid, it has an excellent surface and clear imprints.  The Gold filling is also in very good condition.  The cap stud and the filler button are of black hard rubber, vulcanite, and have taken up a sight characteristic brown patina.

The leverless filling system, which uses a rigid bar to compress the ink sac, is operated by turning the knurled filler button.  It is extremely efficient and easy to use, the large No.19 ink sac taking up a good volume of ink in one operation. 

The large 14Ct. Gold No. 4 nib performs as well as it looks.  It writes with an exceptionally smooth medium to broad line with very little effort and has the 'soft' feel often associated with nibs of this quality.

The Swan 1060 leverless no. 4. was not sold in great numbers and is now very collectable.  It is also a great writer and would be a good vintage pen for daily use.  It would particularly suit someone with a large, bold 'hand'.