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Mabie Todd Swan Leverless Eternal. No.4 nib. 1940-42.

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The Mabie Todd Swan Eternal pens featured a 14Ct. Gold 'Eternal' nib, this pen has the large No.4 size.  The advert for the pen read:

'The Eternal Swan has a vey strong 14Ct. gold nib of wonderful smoothness, and its strength renders it almost accident proof'

This version of the pen, with three, equal width cap bands and a 'type B' imprint first appeared in 1940 just as the manufacturing location moved from Harlesden to Golden Lane.  Most of the 'Golden Lane' pens of this period were not stamped with a model number, as is the case with this pen.  The pen did not appear in the 1943 catalogue. (source: The Swan Pen by Stephen hull).

At 13.3cm. capped and an enormous 16.5 cm. when posted and with a proportionate width this is a very substantial pen.  The central cap ring is very slightly out of shape and a little loose.   The pen has an excellent surface and a very clear barrel imprint, the centrally placed Swan logo and the patent number confirm it as a wartime pen.  The colours are unfaded, bright and vibrant.

The medallion bearing the Swan logo that is set into the top of the cap is also in good condition.  The cap stud and filler button are constructed in hard rubber which has taken the familiar slightly brown patina.

The pen has been fully serviced and tested.  The leverless filling system is efficient and easy to use, it's unclear why it fell out of favour, perhaps Mabie Todd felt that the lever filling systems offered by the other leading manufacturers needed to be challenged.

The No. 4 eternal nib is a large and very striking affair.  It is made from thicker gold than the standard nibs so is quite firm but offers a very pleasant 'soft' feel, characteristic of nibs of such quality.  It lives up to the claims made in the advertising material in that it writes with a super smooth fine line.  I chose not to drop the pen to test the claims about it being accident proof.

The pen is presented in a Swan box, which is probably original, along with an instruction leaflet, all in very good order.

This Swan Eternal leverless pen fulfils all the criteria for a highly collectable pen.  It has quality in abundance, age, pedigree, and is in extremely good condition.  It would also make an eye-catching and practical every day writer.