Mabie Todd Swan Silver Eyedropper Pen.

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Mabie Todd, trading mostly as 'Swan', introduced a self filling pen in 1920 so this silver eyedropper filler, hallmarked for that year, must have been one of the last of its kind.

The pen was made in New York, by the Mabie Todd parent company and imported to the U.K. for sale.  The hallmark is from the London assay office but denotes the pen as an import.  As the changeover from one year date stamp to the next was not necessarily on January 1st the pen may have been made in 1919.

Constructed in black hard rubber, the barrel has a full Sterling silver overlay.  The stamp at the end of the barrel reads:

"Swan Pen".  Mabie Todd & Co. New York.

Sterling Silver. Made in U.S.A.

The engraved pattern consists of longitudinal lines, in groups of three, which divide the barrel into six 'panels', each of which is decorated with short lines arranged to form a 'checkerboard' pattern.  there is also a blank cartouche.  The engraving was not particularly deep and has survived remarkably well.

The nib is 14 Ct. Gold, it is stamped:

Mabie Todd & Co. N.Y.

It has a fine point and a good, responsive flex, delivering a line ranging from about 0.6mm to 2mm. in width.  Someone with a decent 'hand' would enjoy outstanding results.  The nib is supported by the correct 'ladder' feed, Mabie Todd introduced this in 1912. 

At 13.5cm. capped and a most impressive 15.8 cm. posted this is a long, slim and very elegant pen, a very tactile item.

The pen is in exceptional condition, despite its great age.  The hard rubber cap shows none of the 'browning' often associated with this material and has an excellent surface.  The barrel has absolutely no 'dings' and the engraving is clear, as are the stampings.

This is a rare pen, a term I don't use very often.  At the time of manufacture it would have been at the top of the range with an appropriate price tag, it would not have sold in great numbers.  It is in such condition that it would grace any collection but would also serve as a first class 'signature pen'.