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Mabie Todd Swan SM 200/60

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When the Mabie Todd Swan SM 200/60 was introduced, in 1931, the advertisements highlighted a 'vulcanite flush fitting lever' as a major design frature.  The body of the pen is often currently described as also being constructed of vulcanite (hard rubber) but it is, in fact, black chased celluloid.

This pen is a fine example, it has been fully restored and tested and is in first class condition throughout.  The chasing is still sharp and clear as are the numerous imprints on the pen.  At the time Mabie Todd were very aware of the value of the Swan image and labelled every removable part, often more than once.

Most of the 200/60s I have seen have a nickel plated clip and no cap band, this one has a Gold plated clip and thin cap band which are in excellent condition, it appears to be a 'De Luxe' version.

The cap is a smooth and secure screw fit, tightening with one and a quarter turns.  It posts securely on the barrel giving the pen an impressive 16cm. length when in use.  It is well balanced and has a very high quality, solid feel.  The celluloid is warm in the hand, it's quite a tactile item.

The 14Ct. Gold Swan number 2 nib writes very well, it delivers a smooth medium line with a very pleasing flex, someone with a decent 'hand' would give a good deal of character to the writing.

A Swan SM200/60 in such remarkable condition is clearly very collectable, and flexible nibs must be treated with care, but this pen would also make an excellent and very distinguished every day writer.