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Mabie Todd Swan SM2/60

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The Swan SM2/60, introduced in 1931, was advertised with emphasis on the 'flush fitting vulcanite lever', an innovative but short lived feature.

The pen is constructed in black celluloid, engraved with very fine longitudinal lines, these have held up very well in this example.  The pen has a very good surface, with light capping and posting marks, and a very strong barrel imprint.  The ends of the cap and barrel respectively carry the Swan logo and the model number, 'SM2/60'.

Most SM2/60 pens seem to have nickel plated trim with no cap band, this pen must have been offered as an optional upgrade as it is fitted with a Gold filled clip and narrow cap band.

The pen has been conservatively restored and tested and is in excellent working condition.  The lever filling system takes up a good volume of ink and the 14 Ct Gold Swan No.2. nib,  writes with a smooth, medium line and has a responsive flex, offering good line variation.

The box has scuffs but it came to me with the pen and is probably original so should be kept with the pen.

At 13.6 cm. capped and a very impressive 16.5 cm. posted the SM2/60 is a good sized pen with a well balanced, high quality feel.  It would make a first rate vintage daily writer and the flex nib would also qualify it as an effective 'signature pen'.