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Mentmore 46 in Blue

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The Mentmore 46 was introduced, along with the very scarce Mentmore 45, in 1946.  The Mentmore company had been in existence from 1922 and were one of U.K.s most prolific pen manufacturers.

This is an extremely solid and well built pen, as good as, if not better than contemporary better known brands, such as Conway Stewart.  It is manufactured from drilled rod rather than extruded plastic and consequently has a thicker wall and a more solid feel.

It has a vibrant blue, slightly purple finish with a crisp and clear imprint.  The unique sculpted hood design has elicited a mixed response from pen enthusiasts but, in my opinion, it suits the pen very well, adds to the robust appearence, and gives the pen more character than most other English fountain pens of the period.

The cap is constructed in Rhodium plated 'Permabrite', a non ferrous alloy, probably similar to brass.  The Rhodium coating gives the cap avery bright finish.  The clip is heavily Gold plated and carries the company name stamped longitudinally.  The cap and clip are in excellent condition.

A button filler, the pen has been fully restored and tested.  It fills well and takes up a good volume of ink.  The nib is 14Ct. Gold, it writes with a smooth, firm, medium line with a pleasant 'soft' feel.  At 14.6 cm. when posted, it is a good sized, chunky pen with a well balanced and comfortable feel.  It is a very 'easy' writer.

The Mentmore 46 is a top quality, well engineered, vintage English button filler.  The unique styling, robust build, and good writing characteristics make the pen a good choice as a vintage daily writer.