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Mentmore Auto-Flow with full flex nib.

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The Mentmore Auto-Flow was introduced in 1935 in lever and button filling versions.  The early pens, such as this lever filler, had a ball ended clip.

The pen has been restored and tested and is in excellent working condition.  Finished in a strikingly attractive pearl grey marble with Gold filled trim and with a posted length of 16 cm. it is a good sixed pen with a 'chunky', high quality feel.

The filling system works well, taking up a good volume of ink and the upgraded Waterman's Ideal no. 4 nib is exceptional.  It gives a smooth medium line and has a very responsive flex offering excellent line width variation.  In the right hands, it is capable of producing superb calligraphy effects including 'copperplate' writing.

The Mentmore Auto-Flow is a good example of a high quality British 1930s 'flat top pen but the inclusion of the Ideal nib elevates this pen to among the best of its type in terms of performance.