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Mentmore Supreme in Burgundy

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The Mentmore Supreme was introduced in 1940, one of the small range of pens that the company was allowed to produce during the war years.

At 14.5 cm. capped, an impressive 16 cm. when posted and a proportionate girth the Supreme is a large pen.  The pen weighs only 16g. when empty, lightness in weight was a highly desirable feature, at a time when pens were made for extended periods of writing.

The burgundy finish shows no visible scratches and has a good shine and a very crisp and clear barrel imprint.  The 'stack of coins'  cap ring and the clip are nickel plated.

The cap is a smooth screw fit, tightening with two complete turns.

The pen has been serviced and tested.  The button filling system works with just one press and the 14Ct. Gold Mentmore nib has a good flex, allowing line variation to add character to the writing.

The Mentmore Supreme, a good sized and handsome pen, is a typical example of a 1940s English button filling fountain pen.  The flexible nib on this pen would allow some impressive results but these nibs are not particularly robust so it is probably best used for letter writing, addressing etc. rather than one to be carried around on a daily basis.