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Montblanc 342G Piston Filler. c.1952.

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The Monblanc 342G was introduced in 1952.  In 1954 the cap band moved to the very end of the cap lip, this pen has the earlier band posirtion so it is a 'series1' pen, made between 1962 and 1954.

The pen is in near mint condition showing very little sign of use.  It has been part of a private collection for many years prior to the owner reluctantly decided to reduce his commitment.  

The surface is unmarked and the Montblanc imprint and logo on the cap is crisp and clear, as is the '342-G' imprint on the filler cap.  The pen is a piston filler and has a clear blue plastic window for viewing the ink level.  The filling system is in perfect working order.

The nib is clearly stamped  'Montblanc 14C Montblanc 585' and has a fine point with a slight left oblique profile.  the back of the filler button is stamped with a small '0', presumably referring to the oblique nib. 

At 12.7 cm. capped and 14.6 cm. posted for use the 432G is an average sized, well balanced pen. Finished in classic black and gold, it is a very handsome and well proportioned pen with the streamlined torpedo shape that was to become a recognisable feature of many future Montblancs.

The box is brand new, it is of high quality, suits the pen well and will serve for transport, protection, and display.

The Montblanc 342 G first series was only made for a relatively short period of time and is very collectable,  a pen is such outstanding condition does not come along very often.