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New Parker 51 in burgundy

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The New Parker 51, or Parker 51 Reimagined was launched this year as a modern take on its iconic namesake.

The most noticeable differences are a screw cap, redesigned clip and a cartridge /converter filling system.  Its shape and dimensions are almost identical to the original so it is easily recognisable as a Parker 51.  The photographs show it alongside a 1950s burgundy Parker 51.

I bought this pen in order to be able to write a review and to get the feel of the pen.  It has never been inked or dipped, only handled for photography.  The pen is supplied with all the original packaging.

Whether or not the pen can be called a 'real' Parker 51 is debatable but, it is certainly a very good modern pen in its own right.  It is certainly streets ahead of any other 51 clones, past or present, and it is made by Parker.