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Oldwin Button Filler. French Duofold Lookalike.

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The Oldwin pen company, established in 1930, was the in house brand for Mora Stylos in Paris.  Oldwin pens are still produced and command extremely high prices.  This pen, stamped simply 'Oldwin Pen', is a 1930s button filler bearing a striking resemblance to the Parker Duofold Senior.

It is a very substantial pen, growing from a capped 13.6 cm. to a huge 17.1 cm. when posted for use.  It is finished in black with twin Gold filled cap bands and ball ended washer clip.

The pen has been restored and is in excellent condition.  The black surface has a deep lustrous shine and the Gold filling has held up very well.  The blind cap makes an almost seamless joint with the barreland the imprint, which appears to have been double printed, is clear and sharp.

The button filling system works well and takes up a good volume of ink.  The nib is good sized and is stamped 'Inox Iridium 5', presumably the '5' refers to the size.  It is not stamped as gold but certainly not steel and has a deep gold colour with no signs of brassing.  It writes with a firm, fine line. 

The success of the Parker Duofold Senior in the 1930s meant that there would have been some attempts to emulate this by lesser known pen makers.  It is highly likely that this pen fell into that category, although there is little documentary evidence and very few examples have survived.  Perhaps production was curtailed by Parker's well established litgative procedures, or the pen just failed to compete.  Nevertheless, this is a large, handsome pen, in it's own right, that writes well and has a great deal of presence.