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Onoto Model 'O'. 18Ct. Gold Bands. c.1905.

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The 'Onoto' name was first used, by the De La Rue pen company in 1905 after the plunger filling system was patented in the same year.  This 'Patent Self filling Pen' was the first pen to be made using the Onoto name.

The pen was made in two versions the 'O', this pen, and the longer 'N'.  The 'O' pen was particularly popular with the military as it would fit into a uniform breast pocket and allow the flap to be closed, a requirement for many occasions.  It was still sold in far fewer numbers than the longer pen and is consequently now a good deal harder to find.

 At 12 cm. when capped, the pen grows to a very respectable 15Cm. when the cap is posted on the barrel for use.  The cap posts securely on the filler button at the end of the barrel, the pen was designed to be used in the posted configuration. 

The condition of the pen is remarkable.  It is constructed in black chased hard rubber (BCHR) with a clear engine turned 'chevron' pattern on the barrel  and a plain cap.  The barrel imprint is crisp and clear, it reads:

Patent Self filling Pen
De La Rue London


The two gold bands, one on the barrel and one on the cap lip, are stamped ' 18Ct.' They are in first class condition and not personalised.

The nib is set in an ebonite (hard rubber) feed with an 'over and under' design. it is stamped longitudinally with:

14 Carat Gold
Onoto. De La Rue

As this is rather a special pen I sent it to a well respected Onoto specialist to be appraised and fully serviced.  The filling system was completely overhauled with new seals and plunger washers.  It fills perfectly with just one downward stroke of the plunger, it is a very quick and efficient filling method.  The pen writes very well, it gives a smooth, medium line with a small but very effective amount of flex.

 At getting on for 120 years old this antique pen is clearly very collectable and is in 'museum' condition.  As, arguably, the first self filling pen, certainly the first truly efficient one, it has a significant place in the history of the fountain pen.  It is not recommended as an every day pen to be carried around but will make a first class 'signature pen' for letters and cards, or just for the joy of using it!