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Onoto Penmaster Lever filler, flex nib.

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The Onoto Penmaster was introduced by De La Rue in 1949, perhaps as a response to the Parker 51, as it has a semi hooded nib and a slip cap.

In exceptional, near mint condition, the pen is finished in dark gree with black cap and barrel studs, and gold filled trim.  The surface is unmarked and carries a clear, sharp imprint identifying the pen as:

                                          'Onoto Penmaster'

                                         'De La Rue London.'

The original price sticker is fully intact as is the sticker showing the pen as a 'F' for fine, although the pen writes more as a medium.

The pen shows no signs of use but the ink sac has been replaced as the original had hardened with age.  It was inked for testing purposes then flushed clean.  It has a 14Ct. Gold Onoto nib which writes with a medium line with a full flex.  Someone with a decent 'hand' would certainly produce impressive results with the line variation.

At 14 cm. capped and an impressive 15.3 cm. when the cap is posted the Penmaster is a good sized, well balanced and 'comfortable' pen in use.  It is also light in weight,15g., an important consideration at a time when pens were made to be used for extended periods of writing.

The original Penmmaster box is in clean condition with a small section of facing missing as shown.

About a year after the Penmaster was launched it was replaced by a  new range of Onoto plunger and lever fillers.  The very short production run combined with the pressure from the ballpoint pen on the industry as a whole would explain the low numbers of Penmasters actually sold, of which very few survive.  It is quite a rare pen, particularly in such pristine condition.