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Onoto Plunger filler. BCHR. Fully Restored.

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The Onoto plunger filling system first appeared in 1905, this pen probably dates from around 1916.  It is a very long and slim pen, a model that later became known as the Onoto 3000, at the time the pens were stamped 'Onoto' with a letter denoting the model type.  This pen carries an 'S' stamp, the 'S' certainly doesn't signify 'short', it is the longest pen in the range.

The barrel and section are in black chased hard rubber, the chasing is clear, as is the barrel imprint.  The cap, wich does show a very slight rippple, is smooth hard rubber.  Unusually, there is no sign of oxidation to the hard rubber surface.

The pen has been fully restored, including the filling system.  The pen fills with a single stroke of the plunger and takes up a huge amount of ink.  The nib is the correct 14 Ct. Gold No. 3.  It is a bit 'finnicky' and has feedback but it has a good flex and, when used with care can produce impressive results.  It writes easily with very little pressure to produce a fine to medium line.  The pen is easily long enough to use comfortably without posting the cap on the barrel end.  I would advise not posting as there is always a risk, with such an ancient pen, of damaging the cap lip.

Clearly the pen is a very collectable item but could also be used as a 'signature pen' for addresses, letters, or other occasions when speed is not a priority.  Please feel free to contact me at for further details about this very 'special' item.