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Onoto 'The Pen' 6000 Streamline. Boxed and near mint.

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The Onoto 600 was made, concurrently in two versions, the 'Standard' and the 'Streamline'. Made around 1925, the Streamline, this pen, had a longer tapered section than the Standard 'stepped' version.

The pen Is in outstanding condition throughout.  The chasing is sharp and clear, showing no wear, and the barrel imprint is crisp, as is the '6000' stamped around the end of the filler button.  The fully chased cap is a snug push fit.

The pen has been fully recommisioned including new seals and the plunger system is working perfectly, taking up a huge volume of ink with one push of the plunger.

The 14Ct. Gold Onoto no. 3 nib writes with a smooth broad line and has a good amount of flex. It would particularly suit someone with a large, bold hand.  A little practice would produce some excellent results.

At 14. 7 cm. capped and an enormous 19.3 cm. (7.1/2 inches) when posted it is an extremely long and elegant pen.

The Onoto is supplied in the original box along with the Guarantee and instruction leaflet which clearly show that this is, indeed, the Streamline version of the 6000.

The Onoto 6000 is, justifiably, one of the most highly regarded British fountain pens and is now very collectable, it meets all the criteria for a vintage collectable item: quality, rarity, and condition.  It is also a very attractive proposition as a 'signature pen' to be used and enjoyed for special occasions and carries with it a great deal of prestige.