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Paper Mate Dynasy Fountain Pen

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Paper Mate made their name in the early 1950s with a range of ballpoint pens, it wasn't until much later that they entered the fountain pen market with a high quality, metal bodied pen made in West Germany.  There is some speculation that the pen was made by Montblanc, and the Paper Mate does bear a passing resemblance to the Montblanc Noblesse.

The Paper Mate Dynasty is a metal bodied 'Flighter' type pen, very robust and well made.  It is a De Luxe version of the 'Chrome' pen, the clip and the end sections of the cap and barrel are 23Ct. Gold plated. 

This is a very fine example, it is in unused condition and is presented in the original hard plastic box along with the cardboard outer sleeve which is printed with the 'Dynasty' model name.  The outer sleeve is a littlr tatty but the box is high quality and in pristine condition, as is the instruction leaflet.

At 13.8 cm. capped and an impressive 15.4 cm. when posted, the Paper mate Dynasty is a long, slim, and elegant pen.  A cartridge/converter filler, the pen is fitted with the original ink converter and two unused cartridges are included.

Dating from the 1970s, the Paper Mate Dynasty is not a common pen by any means, a mint, boxed example is something of a rarity.  The robust build and super high quality along with the practicality of the filling system would make this pen an excellent vintage daily writer.