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Parker 100 Diamond Blue boxed set

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The Parker 100 was introduced in 2004 although this set carries a date code for 2003, it is one of the very first produced.  This is a fine set, comprising a fountain pen and ballpoint, both in mint condition.  This set is finished in semi gloss pearlised 'Diamond Blue' with frosted Gold filled caps with a nickel/palladium jewel.

 The Parker 100 is an exceptional pen, even the enthusiasts who insist on comparing it with the Parker 51, sometimes not too favourably, would concede that.  It is well engineered and has a host of fine details that combine with the build quality, finish and striking design to produce a pen of the highest calibre.

It writes very well indeed and is a comfortable, easy writer with none of the idiosyncrasies often associated with fountain pens, although some people may find it a little on the heavy side when posted.  It produces a smooth, medium to fine line. a smooth, medium to fine line.

In terms of appearance it is simply stunning, a pen that clearly makes a statement!

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