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Parker 100 set in Smoked Bronze GT

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This Parker 100 boxed set is in near mint condition throughout.  The model was only made for a relatively short period and was very expensive so perhaps didn't sell as well as anticipated.  It is now very collectable.

The Parker presentation case is a large and quite heavy very robust affair in pristine condition.

The pen is a cartridge/converter filler and is supplied with an original ink converter and a new Parker cartridge so it is ready to write.

 The Parker 100 came in four colours, this is the 'Smoked Bronze' version.  The deep enamel has a pearlised finish and the colour is well described.  In normal light it is a deep bronze colour and in bright light it takes on an almost silver hue. The trim is 23Ct. gold plated and the caps are finished in a very attractive 'shimmered Gold' which complements the pearlised finish on the pens perfectly.  The nib is 18Ct.Gold, with an 'M' point, it is a great writer, a very smooth medium to broad line.

Parker 100 pens are of the highest quality and are now extremely difficult to find, complete sets in this condition turn up very, very rarely, most owners are hanging on to their pens, not a bad idea in the current financial climate.

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