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Parker 17 boxed Set in Red.

Regular price £60.00

The Parker 17 was introduced in 1962 and remained in production for the next ten years, the hooded nib was added in 1964.

This set, comprising a fountain pen and propelling pencil, is in mint condition and appears to be unused.  The fountain pen has an excellent surface and a clear, crisp imprint.  There is a tiny suggestion of shrinkage on the hood.  The 'pli-glass' ink sac is clear and completely unstained, enabling the ink level to be monitored when in use.  The pen has a 14 Ct. Gold nib and Gold filled clip and cap band.  

The pencil is in pristine condition.  It still bears the original manufacturers 'chalk marks' which were, in fact, made with a wax stamp.  They are extremely delicate and would wear very quickly with even light handling.  The mark displays the price only in pre decimal currency which suggests a date before 1969 as pens were dual marked with the old and new currency for a couple of years before decimalisation in February 1971.

The Parker presentation case is in good, clean condition, as is the instruction leaflet.  The satin lining of the box is unstained and free of age spots.

The Parker 17 was a very popular pen during the 1960s but it is  now very difficult to find a complete set in this condition.