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Parker 17, Early open 'Beak Nib' model.

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Parker introduced the first '17' to the Duofold line in 1962.  The very first pens had a very large and handsome exposed nib as in this pen.  It was replaced by the hooded nib version in 1964. 

Finished in Red, it has an excellent finish with a clear barrel imprint and first class Gold filling.

The pen has been carefully cleaned, checked and tested. The aerometric filler works well and the Parker 14Ct. Gold nib, which has a slight suggestion of a kink at the end, writes with a smooth broad line with a good amount of flex.

Known as the 'Beak nib' version these early Parker 17s are not at all easy to find, partly due to the very short production run.  The line variation offered by the nib would allow very impressive results from someone with a decent 'hand'.