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Parker 17 in Black

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The Parker '17' was added to the immensely successful Duofold range in 1962. It originally had an exposed nib but was changed to a hooded version, this pen, in 1964.  It was made in two versions, the 'standard' and the 'Super'.  The more expensive 'Super 17' had an unusually wide, gold filled cap band and a Gold filled ring at the end of the barrel. 

This pen is a fine example of a Parker '17' standard', it was made in England around the early sixties.  In excellent condition, it is finished in Black with a Gold filled clip and cap band.  

At 13.5cm. capped and 14.6cm. posted it is a good sized pen with a very good balance.  The pen has been fully serviced and tested, it fills well and the 14Ct. Gold nib writes with a firm, fine line.

The Parker '17' is not a rare pen by any means but one in this condition comes along very infrequently.  The '17' is a very underrated pen which has stood the test of time.  It would make an unusual and reliable every day writer.