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Parker 17 Lady in Blue. Uninked with chalk marks.

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The Parker '17' Lady was introduced into the Parker Duofold line in 1964 and replaced with the Parker Lady Standard in 1968.

This is a fine example of a Parker '17' Lady fountain pen.  It is finished in Blue with Gold filled 'Arrow' clip and cap band.

The pen is in remarkable condition throughout and shows no signs of use.  The pen has an unstained ink sac, a very clear and crisp imprint and an excellent deep shine.  The 'Chalk marks' on the barrel are very fragile and would have quickly worn away if the pen had been used.

Because the pen is unused I have not produced a writing sample but the 17 Lady has a 14Ct. Gold nib which is renowned as an excellent writer.

Although the Parker Lady is not a particularly rare vintage pen, mainly due to its success in the global market, it is nevertheless not easy to find one in such pristine condition.   It is a very much underrated Gold nibbed vintage pen.