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Parker 17 Super Duofold in Black.

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The Parker '17' was added to the immensely successful Duofold range in 1962. It originally had an exposed nib but was changed to a hooded version, this pen, in 1964.  It was made in two versions, the 'standard' and the 'Super'. 

The more expensive '17 Super' has an unusually wide, gold filled cap band and a Gold filled ring at the end of the barrel and  the clip is a 'cowled' design rather than the simple washer clip found on the standard 17.  The 17 Super is very much a 'true' Duofold and bears little resemblance to the standard.

Finished in classic Black, which contrasts well with the gold trim to give a very distinguished appearance, the pen is in superb condition and could well be unused.  It has a deep shine with a crisp barrel imprint and an unstained ink sac.  The Gold filling is similarly pristine.  

The Parker U.K. Duofolds are good quality and very reliable pens but are sometimes seen as a little boring in their 'sameness'.  The 17 Super Duofold totally dispels this notion, it is a strikingly good looking pen with a more much modern and distinctive appearance than the rest of the range.   It is hard to find one in such remarkable condition.