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Parker 17 Super Duofold in Green. Fully restored and tested.

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This pen is now sold, but we have an identical pen in Blue here.

The Parker 17 was made as a 'standard 17' pen and the 'Parker 17 Super Duofold', this pen is a 'Super' version.  It features a very wide Gold filled cap band and barrel tassie ring as upgrades to the standard pen.

The '17' was made in four solid colours: black, red, blue and green, this example is green, the least common of the '17' colours.  

As green pens are quite hard to come by and the pen is a first class writer I decided to do a full restoration, involving complete disassembly, inspection, checking and thorough cleaning.  The original ribbed ink sac was found to be in very good condition so was not replaced with a modern sac. 

The filling system works well, there is only one moving part so there is very little to go wrong and it is simple to use. 

The nib is 14Ct. Gold, it is stamped as such, along with the Parker name and the number '4', which may well be a date code for 1964, consistent with the year of introduction of the pen.  It is an excellent writer, delivering a very smooth fine line.

The Parker 17 Super Duofold is an impressive looking pen with performence to match.  It would make a great every day vintage writer.