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Parker 180 Flighter. 1981

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This Parker 180 Flighter, made in France in 1981, is in excellent condition throughout. 

A very slim and elegant pen, the 180 is a cartridge/converter filler, it is fitted with a modern  Parker slide converter and a new ink cartridge will be supllied so the pen is ready to write in either configuaration.

The plished chrome clip is secured by a matching cap stud.   The barrel end stud, also chromed, is slightly flared so that, when posted, the cap 'clicks' on to the pen and prevents the cap rim coming into direct contact with the barrel thus preventing scratching.  Under magnification the end stud shows no wear to the edges, suggesting little or no use.

The box is new and unbranded, it will serve well for protection and diplay.  It's also the time of year when a box may be appreciated.

The large triangular nib is unique, it is supported underneath by a long, slim feed and on the top by a triangular metal arrangement.  the nib writes with a firm line, perhaps a little on the fine side of medium.  It is a most striking and attractive nib set up but is also probably quite lethal in the wrong hands!

The Parker Flighter pens are just about as robust as a pen can get and make excellent every day writers.  The 180 has a unique style and 'quirkiness' that sets it aside from the rest, it is quite collectable.