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Parker 180 Imperial fountain pen.

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The Parker 180 was released to the market in 1977, but the company had already trademarked the name back in 1974. The original advertisements from the 70’s stated “One nib. One point. Two ways to write.” This is because the pen is designed to be used “right side up” and “upside down” with two different line widths.  This pen has the exra fine/medium combination,it was also offered with fine/broad.  

This pen is the top of the range, Gold Parker 180 Imperial version, made in the U.S.A around 1978.  Parker started to date code all U.S. and French pens from the end of 1979, this pen carries no date code and the 180 was released in 1977 so it can be dated fairly accurately. 

The Imperial is heavily electroplated in 22Ct. Gold, and is engraved with groups of converging longitudinal lines.  The high Gold content of the plating is evident in the deep yellow colour.

The pen is in excellent condition throughout and shows no signs of use, although it has been inked for testing purposes.  The most striking feature of the 180 is the large trangular nib, 14Ct. Gold on this pen, downgraded to steel on later models.  This pen, as with all 180s, offers a better writing experience on the 'correct' side.

Parker had dealt with numerous complaints from customers using Gold nibbed pens, such as the Parker 75, which were caused by the user, being more accustomed to pressing hard with a ballpoint, bending the Gold nib.  Parker were determined to offer a large Gold nib on the 180 so it was reinforced from above by a metal strut and from below by a rubust feed.  The result is the distinctive, lethal looking, and effective double sided 180 nib assembly.

 It also has a cross hatched,  plastic gripping section and a "winged" tassie that was actually designed to "hook" in the cap when it was posted on the back, to prevent the pen body from scratches while writing.

The Parker 180 is a cartridge converter filler.  Due to the slim profile screw type converters and some Parker converters won't fit, but this pen is fitted with the original slim Parker converter and is supplied with a new ink cartridge so it is ready to write in either configuration.

The Parker 180 Imperial was very expensive when new and had a reatively short production run, resulting in fewer sales and scarce numbers of 'survivors'.  It is a visually striking, high quality vintage pen which is becoming very collectable.  It would also make a first rate, practical, vintage daily writer.