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Parker 180 Imperial Rollerball.

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The Parker 180 Imperial rollerball, then listed as a 'floating ball' pen, was added to the Parker 180 line in 1978.  The fully 22 Ct. Gold plated Imperial was the top of the range model at the time.

The pen is in immaculate condition throughout and appears to have seen very little, if any use.  The heavy Gold plating is engraved with fine, longitudinal converging lines, identfying the pen as an Imperial.  The ink cartridge had dried with age so was replaced with a new Parker refill, much higher quality and longer lasting than the 'compatibles' often seen on the web.  Modern rollerball refills are much more practical than the original 'floating ball'.

The cap is a firm 'click fit' when capped and the slightly flared barrel stud cliks firmly into the cap when posted, helping to prevent scratching of the barrel.

The rollerball is now outstripping ballpoints and fountain pens in growth of sales.  It is not as demanding as a fountain pen and a more pleasing writing experience than a ballpoint.  The Parker 180 Imperial combines a high quality vintage pen with a practical, modern writing configuration.