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Parker 180 in Gold Plated Basketweave. Mint condition.

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The Parker 180 in Gold Basketweave pattern was added to the prestigious Place Vendome collection in 1982.  Production ceased the following year, a very short production run, making this pen an 'instant collectable'.  The original French name for the pattern was 'Damier', which translates as 'chequerboard', but the effect is certainly more 'basketweave'.  It is quite spectacular in the way it catches the light.

The pen is in pristine, unused condition, although it has been inked, once, for testing and thoroughly flushed.  It is fitted with the original ink converter.  The 180 is a slim pen and standard Parker converters won't fit so the inclusion of the converter is an important issue with these pens. A Parker cartridge is included so the pen is ready to write in either configuration.

The 180 was so named to emphasise the fact that the pen is designed to write with the front and back of the nib.  This pen has the Gold nib, later versions were steel. The feed is stamped 'M' for medium and 'X' for extra fine.  The parker 180 nib is quite spectacular, although it could be lethal in the wrong hands!  Careful inspection reveals that the nib is stamped with the Parker shield and '585M' for a 14Ct. Gold medium nib.

The nib writes well in both orientations although, as the 'right' side is less fine, it has more ink flow to the point than the reverse side.  The reversability could be useful in note taking, annotating, and perhaps drawing.

The Parker case is from a later pen but it is very clean, sound condition and shows the pen off well.

The Parker 180 Gold Basketweave pen is not at all easy to find, a mint example such as this pen, is quite a rarity.  It is an outrageously attractive pen that would grace a Parker collection but perhaps, after forty years, it should be used and shown off!